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Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
housejackbuilt1 wrote in sparkling_sugar
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2. 34 icons.

"A yellow haired warrior stands alone ‘neath the sun,
The future uncertain, the past not undone.

She casts her mind back to the day that she was a bride,
The day her child should have lived and she should have died.

Five faces responsible, they all did her wrong,
Her anger is constant, her vengeance is strong.

The sun starts to set and she thinks of the blood that’s been spilled,
By her very own hand, two have been killed.

The setting was beautiful, ‘neath the snow and the stars,
Snowflakes turned red from the wounds now that are scars.

Weapons were drawn and hell was unleashed,
Her skill was unmatched, the target’s spirit released.

The other was a mother, just as she could have been,
But an eye for an eye, unforgiven, unseen.

Two out of five, but there is still hate in her heart,
The three that are left will soon play their part.

She takes out her sword, the blade shining like gold,
It was time to move on, the day growing old.

The future is uncertain but her task will be done,
The yellow haired samurai following the sun.

Poem by Yours Truly.

I had to make some Kill Bill icons as both movies are so beautiful. Icons feature The Bride, Bill, Bud, Vernita Green, O-Ren Iishi, Elle Driver, Pai MeI, BB, Go Go and the Crazy 88.

iconkillbill8 iconkillbill20 iconkillbill29

iconkillbill1 iconkillbill2 iconkillbill3
iconkillbill4 iconkillbill5 iconkillbill6
iconkillbill7 iconkillbill10 iconkillbill9
iconkillbill11 iconkillbill12 iconkillbill13
iconkillbill14 iconkillbill15 iconkillbill16
iconkillbill17 iconkillbill18 iconkillbill19
iconkillbill21 iconkillbill22 iconkillbill23
iconkillbill24 iconkillbill25 iconkillbill26
iconkillbill27 iconkillbill28 iconkillbill30
iconkillbill31 iconkillbill32 iconkillbill33

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These are awesome! I love the caps you've chosen to for these icons and the coloring is really lovely.

I am taking many and promise to credit.

Thanks very much for taking and crediting!

User ashes1753 referenced to your post from 20x The Gift icons saying: [...] icon by in this [...]

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